Assessment Centres

The Hallis Assessment Centre methodology is not only a reliable way to target suitable staff, but is a more economical and efficient way to recruit when selecting from a substantial applicant pool. Using a range of assessment tools, Hallis is able to significantly improve the success rate of recruitment.

Working closely with registered organisational psychologists enables us to determine competencies and prioritise behaviours that distinguish a successful employee from an average or low performer. Once the critical competencies have been identified a range of assessment and measurement tools are designed and implemented. Assessment results can be consolidated into a range of reporting formats.


Assessment and Measurement Tools include:     

  • Ability Aptitude & Skills Testing

Assesses general learning capability and other specific competencies including literacy, numeracy, decision making, and computer based skill testing

  • Group Problem Solving & Discussion Tasks

Assesses the candidate’s demonstrated ability to cooperate, participate, communicate and develop rapport within a team environment

  • Personality Testing

Highlights behavioural preferences and characteristics that may contribute to success in the job role

  • Job Samples and Role Plays

Simulating work tasks provides direct evidence on a candidate’s ability to operate successfully in a specific role

  • Behavioural Interviews

Targeted interviews obtain evidence of key competencies

  • Reference Checking

Provides independent evidence of performance relating to specific competencies