Hallis Recruitment Methodology

The concept of achieving Best Possible Fit underpins the Hallis approach to recruitment. Developed in response to a candidate-short market by our team of experienced organisational psychologists, the Hallis Recruitment Methodology represents a customised, risk management approach to attracting and selecting the right candidate for any role.

Hallis is an innovator in this field and has worked with numerous organisations, finding the talent they need to remain competitive.


The benefits to your organisation of pursuing a Best Possible Fit approach to recruitment are:

  • A larger pool of potential candidates
  • The identification of candidates who have the potential to be effective in a role early in tenure
  • Open roles can be filled more quickly thereby reducing costs
  • Gaps in skills and experience are identified so that you can determine whether a potential risk is manageable or not
  • Knowing how a new employee needs to be managed prior to hiring


The Hallis Recruitment Methodology comprehensively profiles positions according to our distinctive understanding of the job domain. Each job profile is tailored to identify the fit between a candidate’s capabilities and the specific demands of a job. It will also address the potential for risk arising from any mismatch between a candidate and any aspect of the position to be filled. In this way, employers are able to make fully informed recruitment decisions, often choosing to take on new employees who represent a manageable risk. Such an approach is critical when hiring for hard to fill roles or generally within a candidate short market.


Our methodology delivers proven results and our clients have benefited from:

  • An increase in placed-first-time candidates
  • A significant increase in employee productivity
  • Improved employee retention
  • A reduction in the measurable costs in staff training, retraining, turnover and absenteeism
  • Greater alignment between candidates and an organisation’s values and culture