Temporary Workforce Management

As companies focus on business sustainability and growth, they are increasingly returning to core competencies and outsourcing non-core activities. Globally, this has led to the development of flexible and non-traditional workforces, allowing companies to generate greater efficiencies and profits. Whether you are seeking temporary staff, a strategic change, interim management, long term or ad hoc contractors, Hallis has the scale and capability to meet your objectives.

Temporary Staffing

Temporary staffing is a highly effective way to bridge employment gaps throughout the year in order to support the peaks and troughs of workloads. Many organisations are also now using the Temporary to Permanent transition as a way of assessing the potential 'fit' of a new employee. With an enviable database, we are able to quickly respond to our clients' business requirements.

We are passionate about looking after our temporary labour force. Our success is underpinned by utilising innovative technology, fostering long term relationships with our candidates and ensuring that we can offer genuine career opportunities to meet their needs.


Contracting resources is a useful way of adding specialist talent to a project or bringing specific interim skills and experience to a team. Having the expertise, networks, and understanding of contracting employment markets, Hallis provides only the highest calibre specialists across numerous job categories and sectors on a range of employment agreements.

Electronic and Payroll Management

We offer our clients a total electronic payroll management solution. Contingency staff, payrolled through Hallis, are able to use the Hallis electronic timesheet system, an easy and accurate web-enabled tool.