Managed Workforce Solutions

Managed Workforce Solutions

Our primary competence is managing human resource flexibility. As companies focus on business sustainability and growth, they are increasingly focussing on core strengths and outsourcing non-core activities. Globally, this has led to greater utilisation of flexible workforces, allowing companies to generate greater efficiencies and profits. Whether you are seeking temporary staff, engaging contract managers or managing strategic change, Hallis has the scale, capability and expertise to effectively manage your workforce flexibility requirements.

Our Managed Workforce services can provide a comprehensive outsourced solution for your business. Hallis currently manages several outsourced workforces whereby we undertake the full scope of operational and employee management. Similarly, we have a number of organisations that engage Hallis to manage specific functions of their workforce management.

When it comes to operating a business, a strong workforce is crucial to success. Hallis operates a number of managed workforces across a diverse range of industries and specialisations. With a range of models for consideration, service outcomes are underpinned by risk and reward management.

Workforce functions well suited to outsourcing include:

  • Human Resources Management
  • Payrolling and Contractor Management
  • Contact Centre and Helpdesk Services
  • Vendor and Supplier Management 

The benefits of outsourcing these key functions include:

  • Reduction of operating costs 
  • Improved management focus on strategic issues
  • Improved levels of service and quality
  • Removal of a contingent liability from your balance sheet

When managing workforces, Hallis may assume the following responsibilities:

  • All employees and contractors
  • All HR functions, compliance and governance
  • Defining job roles and specific job based competencies
  • Recruitment, assessment and selection
  • Establishing employment terms and conditions
  • Induction and training 
  • Management reporting
  • Adhering to agreed operational service levels